Trade Ideas for 12/14/20

Quick guidelines for daily trade ideas:

  • Do not chase on gaps-up.  
  • Do not follow blindly.  Make every trade your own.  
  • Dashed blue line = suggested trigger
  • Dashed red line = suggested stop 
  • Always use limit orders on option trades. I suggest using $0 as your stop (100% of the premium) and sizing accordingly. If you are not experienced trading options I recommend paper trading for at least a few weeks to get a feel for price movement.

As mentioned in the Weekly Review, we are experiencing an orderly market-wide pullback to this point. Should key levels be broken on further downside we will become even more focused on capital preservation. Currently my main concern is chop, thus I've only put on a few trades during the pullback. As always, meticulous risk management is the priority and raising stops as price moves in our favor is a key tactic.

Unless Monday gives us an obvious market move at the open (in either direction), I will likely be watching in...

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