Membership Services


CORE Membership includes: 


“The Basics”

Foundational content designed to establish a shared conceptual knowledge base and vocabulary for members.  Educational materials cover risk management, position sizing, key swing trading rules, and “Anatomy of a Trade” video examples.

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Daily Trade Ideas

A stock watch list updated daily with up to five actionable trade ideas depending on market conditions.  Trade ideas include annotated charts, suggested entry, stop, target zone for first partial, and trade rationale.  Both stock and option plays will be outlined where applicable.

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Weekly Market Overview

A weekly video analysis of market action inclusive of major indices, key resistance / support levels, sector and industry analysis / relative strength, review of open positions, and actionable idea generation for the upcoming week.

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PREMIUM  Membership includes all of the above PLUS: 


Private Twitter Feed

Intraday observations and real time trades will be posted on the private twitter feed.  This is an opportunity to interact directly with an experienced trader and an overall trading community.

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Community Forum

A dedicated trading community forum perfect for long-form Q&A on all trading topics. This is a place to interact with Matt "The Equilibrium" and fellow traders in a more granular  way. Receive personalized feedback to your in-depth trading questions with the goal of growing your trading skills and knowledge. Share your trading journey with like-minded, positive, helpful traders.