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Finding Balance Amid Chaos

Reality-based swing trading education designed to build confidence and streamline your journey to profitability.  

Shed your ego. Hone your craft.  Embrace the grind.

Risk Management 

Shed your ego. Managing risk is the keystone of profitable trading. Stay in the game with proper risk management tools.


Hone your craft. From position sizing to market dynamics and setup recognition, learning is a constant.


Embrace the grind. Execution improves with preparation and confidence. Escape analysis paralysis and learn to place trades without emotion.  

About Trading Equilibrium

Trading Equilibrium is an educational resource for traders of all levels.  It is a service designed to teach risk management, market awareness, trade setups, and execution.  Trade ideas and educational content cover both equity and options.  Primary focus is placed on swing trading.

This is a place to hone your craft, define your style, and refine your edge.  The mission is to teach you how to trade independently with confidence. 

Developing your own trading style, a style that resonates with your unique personal strengths, leads to a lifetime of opportunity in the market.  That’s why we’re here.

To learn more about Matt (a.k.a. The Equilibrium) and his trading style and risk management strategies, take some time to watch his interview with Richard Moglen below.




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Trading Equilibrium uses clear, uncluttered technical analysis to define a trading edge. Refine your charting skills and learn to spot actionable setups in any market environment.

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"My trading account has grown during the time that I've been a member. This is in part due to excellent recommendations, but mostly to Matt being a great teacher.  This has shortened my learning curve and empowered me  to find and confidently execute my own trades while managing risk. I have spent thousands of dollars on services over the years that focused more on a  formula than teaching me how to understand the market and develop my craft.  My recommendation is don’t look for a service with a formula that promises great returns instead seek out a great teacher that is invested in your success."

- Dustin W.


"Trading Equilibrium is hands down the best trading service available! I have been trading for about 3 years and have been a part of 6 well-known trading services. With each of those services I was profitable but I didn't feel confident in my own abilities until joining Trading Equilibrium.  Each evening Matt gives trade ideas along with charts and the reasons behind each trade. I always feel prepared for the market open each morning. With the private Twitter feed, I feel like I have a trading coach right by my side giving me ideas and updates throughout the day. If you want to blindly follow trading alerts you can do that anywhere but if you want to learn to trade while being profitable you need this service!"

- Mindie M.


"I have joined Trading Equilibrium for several months and was amazed how much I have learned from Matt. You will learn not only how to look for the best set ups, but you will also learn the most important factor in trading imho: risk management! I really enjoyed and studied the daily set ups provided by Matt and implemented some of his R/R methods into my charting. This trading service will teach you everything you need to know about mastering the art of trading! From finding the best stocks and set ups within the best sectors to charts, risk management and even option plays. Matt is also a very patient individual and will answer you every question you have. I strongly recommend Trading Equilibrium to anyone who is sincerely interested in learning the art of trading! Thank you Matt for sharing your wisdom and expertise! "

- Attila K.

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