"Matt has tons of experience and is very knowledgeable.  If you want alerts, look elsewhere.  If you are interested in a real education that will definitely shorten your learning curve, Trading Equilibrium is where you need to be."  

 -Rich B.

Dr. Mansi

"I have been trading for 10 years and have tried every trading service. Matt’s service is now the ONLY one I use and to make it very clear I am not being paid in any way to say this. Even after trading for a decade, I still learn something new from Matt’s daily videos everyday. The crown jewel of his service are his daily videos in which he presents a very logical, methodical, easy to understand trading plan which he then executes flawlessly the next day. His decades of experience in trading is clearly on display in these daily videos and he is a true master of his craft. More importantly, he is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have come across in this industry. He is someone who checked in on me consistently during my health issues, and selflessly helps debug my mindset issues. Meeting Matt has been one of the milestones in my trading career, and I am so grateful to have him as a mentor, guru and friend in my life."

 -Dr. Mansi


"I have joined Trading Equilibrium for several months and was amazed how much I have learned from Matt. You will learn not only how to look for the best set ups, but you will also learn the most important factor in trading imho: risk management!  Matt is also a very patient individual and will answer you every question you have. I strongly recommend Trading Equilibrium to anyone who is sincerely interested in learning the art of trading! Thank you Matt for sharing your wisdom and expertise! "

- Atilla K.


"I have tried a bunch of different services by renowned traders, but this is the best of the lot. Very practical, down-to-earth educational content, trade ideas and honest feedback from Matt. Highly recommended!"

-Jouke A


"I have struggled for years trying to make sense of trading. I've switched back and forth from what seem like a million different complicated "strategies". Not until I joined Trading Equilibrium did it finally make sense. What I was missing was the permission to keep it simple and focus on risk management. I realize now I was trying too hard to find the "secret", when the only real secret is hard work, consistency, and responsible trading. The service has already been a game-changer for me."

- Marlon S.


"I have been a trader since 2014, but lacked consistency in delivering profits. Ever since I’ve joined TradingEquilibrium I have been able to consistently deliver good results and minimize losses. Matt perfectly streamlines the process of taking a trade. It’s either there or not there, hence eliminating the grey area and keeping it as simple as possible. He places strong emphasis on risk management and his Trade Ideas are accurate, genuine and well researched. Being part of the service has ensured that I learn the system, hone my craft and deliver consistently. TradingEquilibrium is a well designed service which helped me start my journey as a full-time swing-trader!"

- Suhas R.


"My trading account has grown during the time that I've been a member. This is in part due to excellent recommendations, but mostly to Matt being a great teacher.  This has shortened my learning curve and empowered me  to find and confidently execute my own trades while managing risk. I have spent thousands of dollars on services over the years that focused more on a  formula than teaching me how to understand the market and develop my craft.  My recommendation is don’t look for a service with a formula that promises great returns instead seek out a great teacher that is invested in your success."

- Dustin W.


"Since working with Matt and Trading Equilibrium, I understand trading in a bigger way.  Trading Equilibrium has demystified trading.  I see more opportunities in the market now, and am a more confident trader. I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to trade and learn the ins and outs of the market."

- Mary B.


"Ever since joining this service several months ago I have been blown away by not only the consistency of profitable results which Matt is able to produce... but also by the simplicity of his approach. I thought that in order to obtain his amount of success I would need to use 38 different indicators etc. etc. to even have a chance at being a profitable trader. But much to my surprise Matt showed me that when it comes to trading, less is more. I've learned so much from him and his trade ideas and educational resources from his website that I will carry over and implement into my own trading approach for many, many years to come. I cannot recommend this group enough, excellent work brother!"

- Lorenzo C.


"Trading Equilibrium is hands down the best trading service available! I have been trading for about 3 years and have been apart of 6 well-known trading services. With each of those services I was profitable but I didn't feel confident in my own abilities until joining Trading Equilibrium. If you want to blindly follow trading alerts you can do that anywhere but if you want to learn to trade while being profitable you need this service!"

- Mindie M.